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Starting a New Leo Club

Step 1 - Establish a Framework Determine if the new Leo club will be a;
School or Community based Alpha group for 12 – 18 year olds or
Community based Omega group for 18 – 30 year olds.
Step 2 - Identify Potential Leos Contact your local schools, universities, colleges, places of worship, youth groups, friends and relatives to find out if they know anyone that might be interested.
Step 3 - Invite Prospective Leos to an Information Meeting Explain how it works and answer questions.  Give application forms to those that are interested in joining the Leo Club.
Alpha Application for Leo Club Membership (Leo50-A)
Omega Application for Leo Club Membership (Leo50-O)
Step 4 - Host a Formation Meeting Elect the club officers, discuss potential projects, determine a place and time for club meetings.
Step 5 - Complete Required Paperwork The Leo Club Constitution and Bylaws
Leo Club Organization Report (Leo-51)  Attach a list with the names of the club's founding members and return it to the Leo Club Program Department. The process can take four to six weeks.
Step 6 - Plan a Charter celebration When the Leo Club Organization Report form has been approved, organise an event to present the Certificate and install Leo club officers.

Financial Obligation

The Leo Club registration fee is US$100 or the national currency equivalent. This one-time fee includes:

  • The costs involved in processing the Leo Club Organization Report
  • A Certificate of Organization
  • A Leo club officers' kit
  • A Leo club sponsor kit
  • Leo lapel pins for each original Leo club member

Lions clubs are also billed an annual levy of US$100 which pays for Leo Club materials, mailings, club record maintenance, communications, awards and program resources.
If a Leo club closes, the Leo Club Termination Form (Leo-86) must be received by the Leo Club Program Department by October 31 to receive a credit for the current year only.

Leo Club Advisors

The success of a Leo club can depend on positive involvement of Lions.  To provide effective guidance, sponsoring Lions clubs appoint a Lion to serve as the Leo club advisor. This Lion should be someone who enjoys working with youth and engaging others in service.  The Leo club advisor serves as a mentor, motivator, counsellor and role model.  They guide Leo club members in managing their club and developing projects.

  •  Oversee the orientation and ongoing development of the Leo club members
  • Promote Leo club activities
  •  Attend each Leo club and board of directors meeting
  • Serve as the liaison between the sponsoring Lions club and the Leo club  
  • Ensure new Leos and included and receive new member materials
  • Recognize Leos for their achievements
  • Encourage Leos to become Lions